Inverter generator LH27i Starting King

Inverter generator LH27i Starting King


Inverter generator LH27i Starting King

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27i model (StartingKing) upgrades the starting power to 3000W viainnovative technology, which help powering most electrical equipments installedwith motor and compressor, etc, that require much higher starting power thanrunning power, such as 1.5P air conditioner, water pump, electromagnetic oven,cleaning machine, etc. It greatly expands the application range of this type ofportable generator, which is absolutely unable to do by normal 2kW generatorsat present.

Powerful & Unique!

Main features:

1) 3000W: maximum output, suitable for most small home appliances and outdoor equipments;

2) 15%: Lower fuel consumption than competitors;

3) 20%: larger fuel tank capacity (5L) than competitors;

4) 40%: longer continuous running hours than competitors, from 5-20hours;

5) 52-59dbA@7m: low noise level, super silent;

6) 19.8kgs: portable carry-on, lighter weight than any similar products;

7) 8minutes: quick and convenient to access to any component for easy service;

8) 2.5%: low THD as commercial electricity output, suitable for precise instruments;

9) 50℃: workable in high ambient temperature environment;

10) Eco mode to adjust output as per required load, and lower noise;

11) Direct gravity fuel supply without fuel pump for better recoil starting within 3 pulls;

12) Simple operation due to all control units integrated in one-side control panel;

13) Patented fully-enclosed outer housing to enhance intensity and stop noise leak;

14) Patented inner structure of dual-fan, dual air-tunnel, dual-muffler, and double-layer acoustic hood to ensure better cooling and lower noise;

15) LCD screen to show Watts, Rpm, Voltage, and Running hours;

16)   Fuel gauge to show fuel capacity in fuel tank;

Main applications:

Power of camping, picnic, tailgate party, Auto/RV;

Power of precise instruments, medical equipments;

Power of telecom equipments and hand tools;

Power of home, small office, shop and production;

Power of mobile work, and construction;

Power of power tools;

Power of military outdoor equipment;


Engine type

Forced air-cooled, four-stroke, gasoline

Starting system

Recoil starter

Fuel capacity (L)


Continuous running time(h)


Noise level dB(A)/7m


Max.output (KVA)


Rated AC output (KVA)




N.W. (kG)