Inverter generator LH20i

Inverter generator LH20i


Inverter generator LH20i

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Powerful & Unique!

Main features:

1) 2000W: maximum output, suitable for most small home appliances and outdoor equipments;

2) 15%: Lower fuel consumption than competitors;

3) 20%: larger fuel tank capacity (5L) than competitors;

4) 40%: longer continuous running hours than competitors, from 5-20hours;

5) 52-59dbA@7m: low noise level, super silent;

6) 19.8kgs: portable carry-on, lighter weight than any similar products;

7) 8minutes: quick and convenient to access to any component for easy service;

8) 2.5%: low THD as commercial electricity output, suitable for precise instruments;

9) 50℃: workable in high ambient temperature environment;

10) Eco mode to adjust output as per required load, and lower noise;

11) Direct gravity fuel supply without fuel pump for better recoil starting within 3 pulls;

12) Simple operation due to all control units integrated in one-side control panel;

13) Patented fully-enclosed outer housing to enhance intensity and stop noise leak;

14) Patented inner structure of dual-fan, dual air-tunnel, dual-muffler, and double-layer acoustic hood to ensure better cooling and lower noise;

15) LCD screen to show Watts, Rpm, Voltage, and Running hours;

16)   Fuel gauge to show fuel capacity in fuel tank;

Main applications:

Power of camping, picnic, tailgate party, Auto/RV;

Power of precise instruments, medical equipments;

Power of telecom equipments and hand tools;

Power of home, small office, shop and production;

Power of mobile work, and construction;

Power of power tools;

Power of military outdoor equipment;


Engine type

Forced air-cooled, four-stroke, gasoline

Starting system

Recoil starter

Fuel capacity (L)


Continuous running time(h)


Noise level dB(A)/7m


Max.output (KVA)


Rated AC output (KVA)




N.W. (kG)